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High Quality Optics - Simplicity - Ergonomics - Design - Value

Optelec provides innovative and life changing assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired community, by reaching out with simple and effective low vision solutions for personal, work and educational use. Optelec’s electronic product portfolio includes a variety of desktop, portable, PC and laptop video magnification, as well as OCR/text-to-speech reading and scanning devices. Designed to maximize remaining sight for those with low vision, Optelec’s products enable users to improve their quality of life, independence and mobility.

Optelec’s electronic solutions are distributed through our Authorized Dealer network. Call us at 800.826.4200 to connect with a local representative near you and schedule an on-site demonstration!

Key questions to consider prior to purchasing an electronic aid:

  • What is your eye condition?
  • What is your intended use, ie: reading, writing, viewing photos, hobbies?
  • What is your field of view, ie: central vision loss, tunnel vision, or overall blur?
  • What is your preferred magnification level such as 15X or viewing mode, such as black text on a white background?
  • Are you looking for a device that has advanced functionality, yet is easy-to-use?

Optelec has developed a trusted network of Authorized Dealers across the U.S. who can help ensure you find a solution that best meets your low vision needs. We offer in-home product demonstrations with no obligation, hands-on training, as well as workshops, technical support and superior customer service. We also work closely with Eye Care Professionals, Institutions, Rehab Centers and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.


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