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http://professionals.optelec.com offers a comprehensive range of daily living aids, magnifiers, optical products and professional tools through our e-Commerce websites, printed catalogs and partner networks. By taking a balanced approach to support individuals who are visually impaired or working in the optical industry, Optelec has established itself as the go-to resource. Our team is here to help you find the product solutions that best meet the needs of your practice and patients at a competitive price. Our websites are available to you 24 hours a day and a dedicated Customer Care Specialist is just one phone call away!


To request a printed copy of one of our catalogs, you can email info@optelec.com or CLICK HERE and leave your name, company and mailing address or call 800-826-4200 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.


Optelec Low Vision Essentials large print consumer catalog v5.01 offers a wide range of low vision friendly products enabling those who suffer from vision loss to enjoy life and remain independent. With the right tools, individuals with low vision can perform their daily activities, continue their hobbies, read, write and maintain employment. In this catalog you will find a complete assortment of daily living aids and electronic magnification solutions available to you.

Click Here to Download the Daily Living Solutions Catalog


Products for Eye Care Professionals catalog, v5.01. With hundreds of quality professional tools and aids, the catalog is conveniently designed to mirror the Optelec for Professionals web store, allowing you to browse through the product catalog and web store hand-in-hand with ease. We recognize the importance of selecting a product that will benefit the user. As an eye care or rehabilitation professional your experience and expertise is invaluable to helping your patients or clients select the right adaptive vision aids. In order to support you and ensure end-users receive the correct products, Optelec refers requests for the Optelec PowerMag+ line of optical magnifiers, and prescriptive optical solutions with magnification over +8.0 Diopter to our Professional Member Network.

Click Here to Download the Professional Catalog