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About Optelec

Optelec U.S. Inc. is a trusted provider and resource for consumers and eye care professionals offering a wide assortment of low vision products from industry leading brands.

As a valuable resource for eye care professionals Optelec For Professionals carries a comprehensive range of magnifiers, optical products, professional tools, and selec daily living aids available through our e-Commerce website and printed catalogs. By taking a balanced approach to support individuals who are visually impaired or working in the optical industry, over the years, Optelec for Professionals has established itself as the preferred resource for eye care professionals and customers with low vision.

Optelec has created a trusted and connected network for all product solutions and low vision rehabilitation by linking the needs of end-users, eye care professionals and communities worldwide. In providing quality and timely support to our low vision partners. Optelec will help you find product solutions that best meet your needs and at a competitive price!

We offer the following resources:

  • - Knowledgeable and Accessible Customer Care Department
  • - Products for Eye Care Professionals Product Catalog
  • - Daily Living Solutions Consumer Product Catalog
  • - e-Commerce Website http://professionals,optelec.com
  • - Tiered Discount Structure for our Professional Eye Care Network
  • - Authorized Dealer Network for Optelec Electronic Video Magnification and Text-to-Speech Products
  • - Partner and Reward Programs
  • - VA/GSA Purchases

What is the difference between the online Marketplace: Consumer Products / printed Daily Living Solutions Catalog and the online Professional Products / printed Products for Eye Care Professionals Catalog?

The Consumer Products: Daily Living Solutions consumer section offers a select assortment of products enabling those who are impacted by vision loss due to retinal eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy, to remain independent and enjoy life. We have carefully selected tools and aids within our Home & Office, Health & Personal Care and Recreation & Leisure categories that are simple, cover a variety of price points, and are easy to integrate into any daily routine. With the right tools, individuals with low vision can perform their daily activities, continue their hobbies, read, write and maintain employment.

The Professional Products: Products for Eye Care Professionals section features over 1,000 of our top professional tools and aids from industry leading low vision manufacturers. We have developed a simple layout, organized by Magnifiers, Telescopes, Loupes, Spectacles, Absorptive lenses, Lamps, Charts & Assessments, and Kits & Accessories with informative product features and easy-to-read tables.

Additionally, Optelec recognizes the value of professional low vision rehabilitation by supporting a best practice model aligned with AOA, AAO, AOTA and AER. Therefore, requests for magnifiers and other professional prescriptive products with magnification over +8.0 Diopter are referred to our professional eye care network and not sold directly to the customer without a prescription. We have also highlighted various reward programs and services offered through the ShopLowVision Professional Eye Care Network.

In November, 2015, Optelec and Freedom Scientific have merged to create the world’s largest assistive technology provider for the visually impaired: VFO www.vfo-group.com.

Contact us by phone at 800-444-4443,
by email at info@optelec.com
or by mail at 11800 31st Court North, St. Petersburg, FL 33716-1805.